The Importance of Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are done for repairing and saving a tooth that is badly infected and damaged. In root canal therapy, the dentist would remove the infected tooth pulp and fill it with some other materials. This dental procedure retards the infection and protects that contaminated tooth from any further infections.

Though this procedure is quite complicated and requires the patient to visit the dentist multiple times, sometimes it is the best option that needs to be done for saving the tooth. Highly qualified and trained dentists are required for root canal treatment.

The dentist who is performing the root canal therapy needs to be extra cautious whilst performing the treatment because the methods that are used for this treatment are quite extensive. Moreover, in order to cleanse the mouth in the best way, they need to use heavy machines. Proper cleansing needs to be done during root canal treatment in order to eradicate harmful bacteria. So, if in case you or your loved one needs root canal treatment, then make sure that you choose a dentist who is an expert in root canals.

If you choose just a regular dentist then it might happen that your root canal treatment won’t be completed in the proper way. The success rate of root canals depends on whether the dentist has removed the infection thoroughly or not. If the dentist hasn’t cleaned the interior parts of the tooth then there is a high chance for the infection to occur again. So, before choosing any dentist for a root canal treatment, make sure that you research well about them. Consider reading some reviews too in order to ensure that you are choosing the right one. The best and most reputed dentists would definitely have many good reviews that would help you to make the right decision.



  • It is the most preferred option for retaining the original tooth.
  • It is the best option for restoring decayed teeth.
  • After the root canal treatment, it is difficult to differentiate the restored tooth from the rest of the teeth.
  • It stops the spread of the bacteria which is infecting the patient’s mouth.
  • It retains chewing efficiency.


Who is it for?

Dentists usually perform root canals on children above the age of 12. However, there are also cases when it is required for younger children. It depends upon the damage of the tooth. It is always advisable to visit a good and reliable dentist immediately if you are facing any kind of dental issues and let the dentist decide whether you need root canal treatment or not. Overall, root canals are applicable for certain cases only.

Although some people think that it is the only best option available as technically we don’t lose the tooth in this process. However, it is better to let this decision be left in the hands of an experienced professional. Root canal treatment can be painless if they are caught early. Like most of the problems, the longer we wait, the worse it can be while treating them. So, visit your dentist right away if you are feeling any kind of issues.