Unresolved Dry Mouth Complications Can Increase Your Chances of Suffering Tooth Decay

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The saliva in your mouth plays an important role on multiple levels. Not only does it help lubricate your mouth when eating, but it also helps loosen and wash away residual food material. Along with good oral hygiene habits, this significantly helps reduce your chances of suffering tooth decay complications.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic dry mouth problems, it’s worth your time to investigate the underlying source.

Some prescription medications result in decreased saliva production. While you will need to continue taking the medication, there are still ways you can maintain adequate moisture in your mouth. This could be as simple as sipping on water periodically throughout the day. In some extreme cases, there are prescription saliva substitutes that might also help.

Chronic dehydration can also lead to chronic dry mouth problems. This is even more likely to be the case if you consume alcohol on a frequent basis. This can also impair the function of saliva glands in your mouth.

There are certain medical conditions that affect the kidneys, liver or blood that can also cause reduced saliva production. It’s also worth noting that oral and pharyngeal cancer can also cause dry mouth issues.

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