Tips and Everyday Habits to Prevent Common Oral Emergencies

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While you can’t prevent an injury from ever happening in your mouth or to your teeth, there are a tips and everyday habits that can help prevent some common oral emergencies.

You should try to curtain bad habits like chewing hard objects like pens and pencils or crunching on ice. You should also resist the temptation to use your teeth as tools. Even though these things might seem benign, they can easily cause chips, cracks and fractures to one or more of your teeth.

If you play contact sports, or you are an athlete with braces you might want to talk to your dentist about being fitted custom mouth guard. These units are designed to be comfortable and allows for easy breathing. These units are much more effective at protecting your teeth, than the mouth guards sold in stores.

Grinding your teeth at night on regular basis it can chip, or even fractures the biting surfaces of multiple teeth. It is also one of the more common causes of TMJ disorder. If you grind your teeth at night you might want to talk to your dentist about a custom night guard, to protect your teeth while you sleep.

It can also be very helpful to stock your first aid kit with a few common oral health care items like waxed floss, salt packets and topical oral analgesic. Having these things quickly at hand will help keep you prepared for some common oral emergencies.

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