Root Canals are Easy and Effective

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If you have a bacterial infection within your teeth, Dr. Yakov Royzman and Dr. Karina Zaygermakher are pleased to offer an endodontic treatment to restore your teeth and give you a painlessly happy smile. An endodontic treatment (also called a root canal) is used to remove infectious bacteria or inflamed pulp and replace it with a chemical called gutta-percha.

If you are having pain within your teeth, make an appointment with Professional Dental & Implant Center by calling (212) 579-0552, so you can see one of our skilled dentists. They can definitely give you a check up and thoroughly identify the problem. There could be a few causes for your pain including a pulp infection.

What is pulp? The pulp includes groups of arteries and veins located inside the tooth. It is composed of soft tissue, nerves and carries blood into the tooth to keep its bond with the gum healthy. When pulp becomes too infected, it can deteriorate, and the infected tooth/teeth can fall out. If the pulp becomes contaminated, immediate treatment is recommended. You may need endodontic therapy/a root canal.

The treatment begins with the dentist administering anesthetic to numb your gums and nerves. The dentist will then remove the pulp from the inside of your tooth and make a space to fill with gutta-percha(a chemical derived from a plant called gutta-percha). they will proceed to fill the space and then place a temporary or permanent crown on the top. If our dentist uses a temporary crown, then they l take steps to prepare a permanent crown to put on at a later appointment.

Remember to call our office in New York, New York, to set up an appointment. Dr. Yakov Royzman and Dr. Karina Zaygermakher look forward to restoring your smile!