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“Highly Recommended”
Dr. Le is very Good
– Luis Alcayag on Zocdoc 05/16/2019
“The most knoweledgeable specialist”
Dr. Royzman is the most knowledgeable specialist you will ever find. He is a perfectionist, with skill, experience and knowledge to back it up. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended for regular check ups to the most complicated procedures. I had them all, and I can vouch for fantastic results.
– Olga Raykhelson on Google+ 09/27/2016
“Exceptional expertise”
I’m thoroughly delighted to have found Dr. Royzman. I called to inquire about his fees and was impressed to learn that he offers a free consultation, including x-rays, and then prepares a proposed treatment plan. I was offered a same day appointment. In the first visit he diagnosed and filled a cavity. I told him that I was concerned that I might need more extensive treatment for what was a split in my tooth. He didn’t try to run up an unnecessary bill. He said that a filling is all that was necessary. His exceptional expertise was clearly evident. He has a magical touch and inspired my trust. I wish I had discovered him sooner. The employees working in the office are also friendly and respectful. There’s an old world, down to earth feel about this place. I didn’t expect to find such an environment in Manhattan.
– Janice Breeze on Google+ June, 2016
“Extremely Pleasant and Professional”
I can’t say enough about Dr Royzman and his entire team. Always extremely pleasant and professional. I can always count on great communication from appointments to a play by play on the procedure. In my case multiple root canals and one an emergency visit over the holidays. I never wait more than 5 minutes when I get to my appointments so 5 star customer service all the way around. Love you guys!

Robert B. on Yelp 04/13/2016
Family Dentist
My family uses Dr. Royzman service for almost 20 years. He is high level professional that can solve any dental issues starting from cleaning up to complicated surgeries including sophisticated implant procedures.
His office is equipped with high tech hard and software that allows to see patient’s dental profile on-the-fly.
His office ladies are very friendly and nice in communications.
It is 5-star dental office and I recommend to use it. Call in advance to make an appointment because they are booked 2 weeks ahead but in the case of emergency you will be given higher priority to treat dental problem ASAP.
– Arkady V. February, 2016
“Excellent service”
Excellent service
– Anonymous 03/16/2016
“The best dentist.”
We both – my husband and I enjoy visiting Dr. Royzman (as weird as “enjoy visiting a dentist” sounds). I am particularly picky, since I have quite problematic teeth, and used to hate going to dentists. Doctor Royzman has really good, as we say “light” hands, a kind heart, and a bright mind. It is important to be able to trust your doctor, and it has been a case with doctor Royzman for many years. He works very gently, yet thoroughly, never does what is unnecessary, but really strives to solve each issue in the best possible way. I have seen many dentists, but have not met anyone like Dr. Royzman.
– Tatiana B. 12/17/2015
“Dr Royzmanis very professional and honest. I definitely recommend him.”
I always have had serious problems with my teeth, since I was a child. I do not know how many dentists I have had. But, trust me, none was so professional, honest as Dr Royzman.
– Anna I. 09/22/2015
“Doctor was very attentive and caring”
Great experience. Quick, on time and painless.
– Anonymous 08/11/2015
“Very caring and knowledgeable doctor”
Great diagnostic ability.
– Olga L. 08/03/2015
“Dr. Royzman is great dentist.”
Dr. Royzman is a true professional who takes care in diagnosing, explaining and administering the most suitable dental care to achieve the best result. I’ve known him for over a decade and professionally, he has only gotten better. I am a satisfied patient.
I would recommend to anyone looking for an exceptional dentist.
– K. C. 07/21/2015
“A very calming experience at the dentist!”
Dr. Royzman was very knowledgeable and professional. He eases all fears of going to the dentist!
– Melody S. 07/07/2015
“Dr Royzman is the best dentist ever”
Dr Royzman is the best dentist ever. We go to him since 2000 and now we have kids and he is our family dentist. And even though we moved out from NYC we are happy to come even though we have to drive for about an hour.
– Yekaterina A. 07/07/2015
Amazing job
Dr. Royzman is very personable and respectful. He is a professional who enjoys his job and does an amazing job at it. He took the time out to explain to me what issues I had with my teeth and what options I had. I have to say most dentists try to rush you out the door so they can get as many patients as possible. Dr. Royzman does not care about that, he made me feel welcomed, and as I mentioned above he took his time.
– Anonymous
Very nice
Very nice, thanks a lot!
– Makc
5 stars
5 stars!
– Maya N.

“Wonderful experience”
I had a wonderful experience under the care of Dr. Royzman. I arrived from out of town and had terrible tooth pain. I called Dr. Royzman’s office, and was able to been seen VERY quickly the same day after calling his office. He quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem(given his many years of experience, I was not surprised), and performed a double root canal immediately. The pain went away, and my husband and I have been able to enjoy our vacation here in NYC. The work that Dr. Royzman did to help me literally saved our entire entire vacation. I am very grateful to him for all that he did to help me last Friday…for his kindness, knowledge, and expertise. Everyone who works in his office is kind and professional as well. I recommend Dr. Royzman highly and without reservation.
– Sharon Rothstein, M.D., M.P.H. on Yelp 08/16/2016
“Excellent service”
Came in for my bi-yearly check-up/cleaning and was very pleased with the care and comfort Dr. Krestin handled my appointment. She was very gentle but at the same time did a very thorough exam and cleaning. Will definitely be back to see her!
– Magdolen Kellel on Google+ August, 2016
“Great hygienist”
Dr. Royzman is our family dentist for the past 15 years. He is really professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, attentive. He never rush the patient and carefully plans all the procedures. He has a great team, who is supportive in many ways: from setting the appointment to insurance billing. New hygienist Regina is great addition to the team.
– Svetlana Kondratieva on Google+ April, 2016
Pain free
Doctor Royzman and his team provide the excellent service to their patients. The first time in my life I am not scared to visit the Dentist!. All procedures I had for the last two years were done on a high professional level. This office is a pain free and high quality place.
Thanks a lot to Doctor Royzman, Hygienist Regina, and administrative support Galina and Kristina.
– Claudia D. 5.0 star rating 4/6/2016
“Great job!”
Dr Royzman is doing great job, very effective, professional job.Thank you very much!
– Nina B.03/15/2016
“Amazing Doctor!”
Amazing Doctor!
– I. O. 11/03/2015
“The best dentist ever!”
I like Dr. Royzman’s office! Everyone is so nice and welcome! The treatment is always painless. I feel that Doctor is Taking good care of me!
– Anonymous 10/22/2015
“Great dentist”
Dr. Royzman has been treating me for over 15 years now – great dentist, very knowledgeable and attentive.
– Irina S. 09/02/2015
“Professional diagnostics and comprehensive treatment!”
With a bunch of dental problems I have, it was my fortune to meet Dr. Royzman. He fixed all the cavities that I had, treated a root canal, extracted a wisdom tooth. Then he explained how my teeth should be treated to keep them healthy.
– G. M. 08/04/2015
“The good dentist!”
He is a good dentist, so if you have problem with your teeth he will solve it!
– Nadya S. 07/21/2015
“Terrific dentist on upper west side”
Dr Royzman is not just another good dentist. Our whole family goes only to him for almost a decade now (that’s 3 generations of relatives btw). This speaks volumes of the quality of his work and ability to keep everyone happy, and all our teeth in great shape.
Check him out, you will not regret it.
– Vlad V. 07/07/2015
“I’m so happy to visit this office!”
Every time I visit Dr. Royzman, I enjoy it.
– Mariya R. 07/07/2015
“Awesome stuff”
Personalized care, experienced professionals, saved my teeth after they have been mutilated by dentists in Russia, when no other doctor could tell me what is going on. I’m very grateful and looking forward to coming here again.
– Yulia G. 06/30/2015
“I had an amazing experience at Dr.Royzman Dental office.”
Doctor Royzman is a professional, no doubts. He knows exactly how to help if you have any problem with teeth. I have gone here for 3 years now and I trust him completely! He is a great doctor! And he is funny too! All the stuff in the office are very nice and friendly people! They pay attention to the details. Even though i was afraid of dentists before, it has changed completely now! I even stop by to just say hi sometimes! Thank you for helping me to take care of my teeth!
– O. G. 06/29/2015
Professional dentist
Doctor Royzman is a professional, no doubts. He knows exactly how to help if you have any problem with teeth. I have gone here for 3 years now and I trust him completely! He is a great doctor! And he is funny , too! All the stuff in the office are very nice and friendly people! They pay attention to the details. Even though i was afraid of dentists before, it has changed completely now! I even stop by to just say hi sometimes! Thank you for helping me to take care of my teeth!
– Olya M. 5.0 star rating 6/29/2015
This is a great dental office. The wait is minimal, and they have a really friendly secretary.
Dr.Royzman removed one of my wisdom teeth. Smooth procedure, healed really well. Dr.Royzman himself is a warm person and I feel very comfortable in his hands. I also had some cavities filled by the other doctors in the office. Again, no complaints.
I’ve sent my husband there, who also had a good experience, and he referred one of his friends, who liked it too.
– Irina K. 5.0 star rating 10/26/2009