Denture Adhesive Can Help Bond Your Complete Denture

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The base of a complete denture is created to closely match the available oral structure and contours of the underlying gums. The custom fit helps the denture to fit comfortably, yet firmly in your mouth.

However, many denture wearers also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive to the base before inserting it into their mouth each morning. Once you bite down firmly will help lock the denture in place while also creating a barrier against stray food particles.

As you go through your day the simple act of chewing and grinding can sometimes loosen the denture adhesive’s firm hold. When this happens stray food particles might be able to invade the area causing gradual gum irritation.

Should this happen you should remove the denture at your earliest convenience. You should then rinse the denture clean, dry it, and apply a fresh bead of denture adhesive.

Our dentists notes that you should never sleep with your denture in your mouth. Before going to bed you should take the denture out and rinse away all traces of denture adhesive before lightly brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little denture polish. You can then soak it in denture solution and store it somewhere safe.

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