Dental Appointment Tips for Those Who Have Heart Disease

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Dr. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher and our dental team care about you, your smile, and your entire health, and we want you to have the best dental experience possible at Professional Dental & Implant Center. This is why we encourage you to do certain things at our office if you have heart disease.

First, please give Dr. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher a list of medications (prescription and nonprescription), supplements, and vitamins you are taking, especially the medications you are taking for your heart condition. This can help your dentist provide the best treatment possible for your smile and health as well as determine the best course of anesthesia and medication for you.

Second, give your dentist your cardiologist’s contact information. This will give your dentist the ability to contact your doctor if needed. This can help them understand more about your health and care.

Third, talk to your dentist and doctor if you are nervous about undergoing a dental treatment because of your heart condition. Your doctors can give you information and work with you on determining the right strategies for controlling mouth pain as well as dental anxiety.

To learn more about how to have a successful dental appointment when you have heart disease in New York, New York, please reach out to our dental team at Professional Dental & Implant Center. When you call (212) 579-0552, we will be more than happy to teach you all we know. We want you to have the best experience possible!