Understanding Dental Implants

Losing teeth, no matter the reason, is rarely a good experience. In fact, most would call it one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to deal with. Without teeth, everyday tasks become challenging. You really don’t notice how much you use them until you lose one. The good news is that if you do lose a tooth, you’re... read more »

The Quality of Your Oral Care Products Effects Your Daily Routine

Consistent oral hygiene habits are very important for maintaining a healthy mouth. If you frequently forget to brush your teeth twice each day or you are remiss at flossing at least once per day it can increase your chances of suffering from cavities and gum disease. You also need to keep in mind that the quality of your oral care... read more »

Denture Adhesive Can Help Bond Your Complete Denture

The base of a complete denture is created to closely match the available oral structure and contours of the underlying gums. The custom fit helps the denture to fit comfortably, yet firmly in your mouth. However, many denture wearers also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive to the base before inserting it into their mouth each morning.... read more »

What is Enamel Erosion?

If you are interested in keeping a top-notch smile and oral health, then one dental problem you need to avoid is enamel erosion. Enamel erosion is the process of wearing down teeth and promoting dental problems. In order to prevent enamel erosion, you need to know the details about it. So, our dentists, Dr. Yakov Royzman and Dr. Karina Zaygermakher,... read more »

The Unpredictable Ways to Avoid Cavities

Did you know there are things you can do other than keep up with oral hygiene and attend your regular dental checkups to prevent cavities? Well, it’s true. Our dentists, Dr. Yakov Royzman and Dr. Karina Zaygermakher are happy to tell you all about them so you can prevent this dangerous and destructive dental issue. Although some of these things... read more »

Chipped Tooth Enamel Could Be Treated with a Filling

Tooth enamel is a very hard substance intended to provide your teeth with the necessary strength to process food into small pieces that can be safely swallowed. It also protects your teeth from decay. If you have a bad habit of chewing on things like pens, or using your teeth as improvised tools, you are at an increased risk of... read more »

What Do You Know About Your Dental Checkup? Take This Quiz

If you think you know all about dental checkups, our dentists, Dr. Yakov Royzman, Dr. Karina Zaygermakher, encourage you to test your knowledge by taking our dental checkups quiz! This quiz can help you learn more about dental checkups, which might help you feel more calm and comfortable during your appointments. So, we hope you learn something new as you... read more »

Tooth Decay and Baby Bottles

When you kiss your baby goodnight and lay them down in the crib, do you let them to have their bottle? If so, you may be risking baby bottle tooth decay. You might want better to take the away the bottle and pop in a pacifier instead. Bacteria constantly forms inside everyone’s mouth. Formula and milk contain sugar and carbohydrates... read more »

The Types of Toothpaste That Can Help Your Smile

There are many different types of toothpaste to choose from, which can make toothpaste shopping quite difficult. This is why it’s best to know all about the characteristics of toothpaste so you can choose the right product for your smile. So, our dentist, Drs. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher, will be happy to help you by sharing some details about... read more »