The Types of Toothpaste That Can Help Your Smile

There are many different types of toothpaste to choose from, which can make toothpaste shopping quite difficult. This is why it’s best to know all about the characteristics of toothpaste so you can choose the right product for your smile. So, our dentist, Drs. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher, will... Read more »

Remedies for Wisdom Teeth

While there are some home treatments you can use to treat the discomfort associated with sore wisdom teeth, these alternatives alone are not sufficient to replace professional treatments from a licensed doctor. If you try one or more of these treatments, ensure that you also seek out the support of... Read more »

What Happens If I Swallow Mouthwash?

Have you accidentally swallowed your mouthwash? If so, you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher, is happy to give you the tips you need so you can have the top-notch health you need and deserve. If you have swallowed a minimal amount... Read more »

Treating Gum Disease with Medication

Perhaps the most rampant disease we have noticed at Professional Dental & Implant Center is gum disease, an infection of the gums. Periodontal disease affects a vast percentage of the population, but with appropriate brushing and flossing, you can defend yourself from it. Learn more about periodontal disease by reading... Read more »

Identifying Cold Sores

Cold sores, also defined as fever blisters, occur most commonly when immune systems’ strengths are diminished by fevers or colds. These fluid-filled blisters show on the face, most often near the nose, lips, and chin, and they can cause flu-like symptoms. Once you’ve been infected with the herpes simplex virus... Read more »

Dental Appointment Tips for Those Who Have Heart Disease

Dr. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher and our dental team care about you, your smile, and your entire health, and we want you to have the best dental experience possible at Professional Dental & Implant Center. This is why we encourage you to do certain things at our office if... Read more »