If a root canal treatment and retreatment cannot rid your teeth of infection, then our dentists may recommend an apicoectomy. We offer this endodontic microsurgery at Professional Dental & Implant Center to remove the tooth root tips and the infection that lingers there so you can have a healthy smile. Please reach out to our team to schedule with Dr. Yakov Royzman, Dr. Marsha Goldenberg, and Dr. Tram Le if you think you need to receive an apicoectomy in New York, New York. Your optimal oral health is always our priority!

Apicoectomy comes from two words: apico means apex or end and ectomy means removal. What this procedure involves is the removal of a tooth root tip (which is also known as the apex). These tips act as an entrance for the blood vessels and nerves that keep a tooth strong and healthy. If these soft tissues become infected, then a root canal treatment is performed to remove them. However, if a root canal or a retreatment procedure proves unsuccessful, then we may recommend an apicoectomy to heal your smile.

After injecting a local anesthetic, we will begin this procedure by making incisions in your gum tissues that expose the tooth roots in the jaw. We will remove the infected tooth root tips and then seal off the roots with a filling. After taking X-rays of your mouth to make sure everything looks well, we will suture your gum tissue. Contact our dental team if you have questions about an apicoectomy procedure.