A Tooth Lost to Dental Avulsion Can Often Be Replaced by a Bridge

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A dental avulsion caused by a hard blow to the face that knocks out or severely damages a tooth often causes a significant amount of pain. The trauma associated with this type of dental injury often results in the loss of the tooth. Even if the tooth is whole and alive, the damage to the socket might not make it possible to implant the tooth again.

To treat a problem of this magnitude, Drs. Royzman and Zaygermakher might suggest extracting the remnants of the tooth. The gums can then be sutured over the socket. This will prevent an infection from forming in the injured tissues and allow the pain to gradually abate.

When you’re ready, our dentists can help you understand the dental replacement solutions available to you. If you’re not comfortable with the oral surgery required for a dental implant restoration, they might recommend a dental bridge in New York, New York.

This is basically an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. It is fused into a solid piece of dental work with an open crown at each end. It will eventually be anchored onto abutments that are formed out of the healthy core of the two closest teeth. To form the abutments, Dr. Royzman and Dr. Zaygermakher will remove the tooth enamel from each tooth, leaving behind a sheath of dentin around the healthy pulp and root of the tooth.

Our dentists will make an impression of the abutments, the void, as well as any other relevant teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab as a guide while the technicians create your new bridge. Your dentists will then secure temporary crowns over each abutment to protect them while the lab technician completes their work.

When it’s ready, Drs. Royzman and Zaygermakher will secure your new bridge onto the abutments with a strong dental cement.

If you’ve suffered a dental avulsion or other form of dental trauma, you should call (212) 579-0552 to seek treatment at Professional Dental & Implant Center.