A Hard Piece of Food Stuck in the Gumline Can Cause Significant Discomfort

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The area where your teeth meet your periodontal tissues is often referred to as the gumline. This soft and sensitive area can sometimes trap a hard piece of food or meat fiber. In many of these cases, a little tongue play or a vigorous rinse of your beverages can extricate the offending item.

However, there are other times when a hard piece of food can break off when you bite it to become uncomfortably lodged in the gumline. This is more likely to happen with crispy chips, crunchy candies, and other hard foods. Even if you’re in significant distress you need to take a patient approach to removing the item from your gumline.

Vigorously rinsing the area with a little saltwater might help to dislodge the object from between your gumline. Even if it fails to extricate it, the rinse might wash away lingering food debris to give you a better look at the problem. You shouldn’t attempt to pry the item out with a toothpick or a sharp pointed tool. This could injure your gums or potentially chip a tooth.

Waxed dental floss might be able to loosen it. The waxy coating allows the strand to slide comfortably between teeth to worked around the foreign object. You should never force the strand of dental floss into place, as it could seriously injure your gums. If your best efforts fail to remove the item, or you need professional treatment you can always call (212) 579-0552 to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Yakov Royzman & Karina Zaygermakher or a member of Professional Dental & Implant Center’s staff in New York, New York.